The Canuck:


Kristine is a super patriotic Canadian, despite living and working outside of Canada for the last 10+ years. She has a unique sense of humour, and if there is laughter or shenanigans happening, she is likely involved. She loves working as a nurse, but 12hr shifts and working weekends are taking their toll on her fun spirit. Kristine got the travel bug after graduating from nursing school when she became a travel nurse in the US, working and living on both the East and West coasts. Kristine and Jen met while working at the University of Washington in Seattle in 2007. Kristine’s first international trip resulted in her passport being stolen, and despite suffering whatever the local version of “Delhi belly” is in almost every country she visits, she remains nonetheless hooked on traveling. In 2010 Kristine took a job in Saudi Arabia as a VIP nurse where she met Sacha. Kristine loves an adventure and enjoys interacting with new cultures. Her travels have taken her throughout the US, the Middle East, Central America, Europe and SE Asia. She currently resides in Seattle but is moving back to her homeland this fall. The Rickshaw Run will kick off her 35th year with a bang.

The Kiwi: 

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Sacha, like a lot of kiwis, has had the travel bug from a young age.  She lived in Japan for a year as a exchange student before completing her nursing degree.  As soon as she could Sacha headed for the UK and spent 2 years in London, travel nursed around Australia for a year and lived for over 2 years in Saudi Arabia. She has travelled to over 35 countries including Sri Lanka, Oman, and India to name a few with Kristine.  Sacha loves being immersed in a culture and will jump at every opportunity especially when travelling. Sacha is currently living in her home country and unfortunately due to work commitments will have to head back home straight after the Rickshaw run.  She has a great sense of fun and adventure and is looking forward to the off the beaten track adventures that the Rickshaw run will bring!

The Yank:


Jen is a nurse who loves to travel. She caught the medicine and travel bug when she went to Guatemala at the age of 15 and volunteered in a hospital. Since then, she has traveled to over 35 countries, has gone on medical mission trips to the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Guatemala and has finally settled in Seattle. She has traveled to Costa Rica, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon with Kristine. Jen loves coffee, Deschutes Black Butte Porter, a good book and is a superb baker. She is excited to start a 6 month adventure with the Rickshaw Run, although she will miss her KitchenAid mixer, Chuck’s Hop Shop, her Youth group kids and of course her family, especially her 1 year old nephew!