Rules of the Road

Rules of the road:
1. There are no rules. NONE.
2. Rickshaws are not allowed on the expressway. Remember, there are no rules.
3. Rickshaws don’t have to pay tolls. EVER.
4. Buses want to kill you. They are highest on the totem pole.
5. Lane lines don’t mean a thing
6. There is no right of way. Every man for himself.
7. Horns are necessary. Every. Single. Minute.
8. There is no blind spot. Just look straight ahead.
9. No need for mirrors. Period.
10. Indicators/Blinks are a luxury. Hands waving work just as well.
11. Anything goes…cars, trucks, motor bikes, bicycles, rickshaws, camels, carts, cows, etc.
12. There are no rules. NONE.