The Countdown is on…and Other Musings

When we started discussing the idea of doing the Rickshaw Run in late January and early February it couldn’t come fast enough. It felt like it was so far in the distance that we had all the time in the world to prepare. Now I wish we had a little more time. In 2 weeks I’ll fly to LA to meet Jen before we leave on Christmas Eve bound for Delhi. In that 2 week period I still have to work 8 12hr shifts, squeeze in last minute packing and an early Christmas celebration with my family. Time, it feels, is no longer a luxury.

The Rickshaw Run and fundraising events have sucked a lot of our time, but in between that time, life and its associated stresses have carried right along. I’ve had 2 big moves in the time we’ve been planning this trip. The last of those moves I’m still struggling to adjust to the benefit of being closer to my family and the loss of not being in close proximity to my important peeps south of the border. I’m struggling to adjust to a job which I find hugely satisfiying, but a flip-flopping schedule that is draining and a general annoyance of my life outside of work. I’m struggling to find a balance between the losses I feel about moving away from Seattle ie, my booming social life, the freshest bestest sushi, all the bars a city girl could dream of, Indie films out the ying yang, and the comfort of returning to my country of origin. Cumulatively, we’ve thrown 3 very successful fundraising events spanning our 3 countries and have raised some $4700 US for New Light India between our Crowdrise site and private donations to Village Volunteers. We’ve also raised nearly $1000 US for Cool Earth. This is so far beyond what we originally set out to do, and we are so very thankful to all of you who helped us and made donations.

We have managed to appear in a bunch of local papers in BC, and both Sacha and I had the fun and nerve-racking opportunity of appearing on our local radio stations. Jen had an article that she wrote appear in an online travel magazine and I had the pleasure of writing for them in an issue that will come out later this week. This same online magazine has asked us to write 2 more articles in their January and February issues. We half-assedly figured out twitter. Well at least we think we have, and we get new people following our adventure every day!! We also have had a mysterious journalist from an Indian paper write a few articles about us. While not exactly capturing our point of view, they prove to be quite a good/entertaining read none-the-less.

So what’s left for us to do you ask? Well…where to start really? We’ve got this huge task called “route planning” that I’m quite sure will be more of a minute by minute decision than an actual well laid plan. Jen has bought some maps, and cracked open an India Lonely Planet. I have looked up the start and end point on a map and that sums up my personal route planning. We have a first aid kit, and I plan on reviewing a bit of emergency first aid prior to leaving. We have looked into GPS and are confident that Jen’s phone should make this a possibility.

Then there’s the dreaded packing, which I like to leave until the very last minute so as to be forced to make quick decisions instead of more practical ones. A few years back when Jen and I went to Costa Rica for my 30th birthday we left packing until that night about an hour before our ride to the airport was scheduled to come get us. Its a wonder we had any matching outfits on that trip!! For this trip I’m hoping to be a little more organized!!

We are deciding about outfits for the kick-off party and for the start of the race. With very little convincing, Jen and Sacha agreed to hot-pink wigs. I guess if we’re driving a bright pink rickshaw already, whats a wig really?! We attempted to have T-shirts made, but apparently this is a complicated endeavor and our team logo has too many colours- so many colours in fact that we were likely going to be looking at $70 t-shirts a piece. Thankfully Jen has channeled her inner Martha Stewart and we’re making crafty iron on ones instead.

So that’s where we’re at. 2 weeks and counting down. Lengthy to-do lists. And I’m getting insanely excited for this adventure. I’m looking forward to my last shift at work before we leave just so I can say out loud that I won’t be back there for at least 11 weeks!!! India we’ll be seeing you very, very soon!!

Over and out.