We’ve picked a winner…Congrats to Andrea Gohlke! Thank you to everyone who entered. We really appreciate all of your support! 

Have you ever wondered whether the Taj Mahal is as beautiful in person as it is in pictures? Ever desired to photograph the colorful festivals of Varanasi? Ever yearned to go on a tiger expedition or hungered for real curry? Well this is your chance! Intrepid Travel has generously donated a trip in India to help us raise funds for our trip expenses, e.g. trip entry fee, duct tape, petrol funnel, Delhi belly meds, spark plugs, etc. A chance at this adventure is yours for only $5US. The more you give, the better your odds of winning. So, if you give $20US, you have 4 chances to win or if you give $100US you have 20 chances to win. This raffle is open from October 1st to midnight on November 3rd. The winner will randomly be chosen and announced on November 8th. Not interested in going to India, but still interested in giving money? Go ahead and use the links below and send us an email at to let us know that you don’t want to be entered in the contest.






The trip includes some meals, accommodations for 14 nights, some transportation, as well as numerous activities. For more details, please see the Unforgettable India Overview page.

***Disclaimer: this trip does NOT include airfare, travel insurance, a travel visa for India, your alcohol of choice, souvenirs or trinkets to decorate your pad back home. The trip is a one person- you, yourself and I endeavor and is not transferable. You have to book the trip by August 31, 2014 and travel by Sept 30, 2014. This trip cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash. The trip is subject to availability. Please go to Intrepid Travel for more information.

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